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Relaxing rain audio for work, play and sleep. www.Raining.fm

Raining.fm is a small project by myself Neil Lockwood.

I am based out of Australia, I live with my beautiful fiance Amy and my two amazing sons Caden and Tate, I would like to dedicate this site to them.

During the week I work in web design and development at Div Party and in the evenings I love to work on passion projects such as this.

I would like to thank the following people for their awesome work, without whom this project would have taken waaay longer.

Original Photo's "Venice Rain 2" and "Venice Rain 3" courtesy of my mate Lachie Millard © 2016, check the rest of his amazing work on his website

Original Photo "Tompkins Sq. Park" by Unknown useage license here

Original Photo "Water on Wood" by Darren Brooks useage license here

Original Photo "pitch" by Rashida S. Mar B. useage license here

Original Photo "Raindrops in pond with waterlily" by Fokko Muller useage license here

Rain audio sample created by raining.fm crew from a source track by Arctura, useage license here

Rolling Thunder created by raining.fm crew

Loud Thunder audio sample created by raining.fm crew from a source track by Martin Lightning, useage license here

Scott Schiller for his radical SoundManager 2 API, useage license here

brankic1979 for their snazzy icons

Jay Salvat for his awesome background slideshow

Jack Moore for this very modal

Special shout outs to hackernews and stackoverflow for the constant feed of knowledge and inspiration. I hope you enjoy raining.fm

- Neil

Time for a break! chat to a friend, grab a coffee or go play outside :)

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Thank you so much for supporting raining.fm

Cheers - Neil